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The Kingdoms Collection


The pieces will tour different African cities, delighting visitors and heralding a new era in African jewelry design before finally being auctioned in Lagos, Nigeria during the Art and Design Season in November 2020. 

Percentages of the auction proceeds will go to the Kabara Foundation to support the empowerment of women through education in jewelry-making as well as to the Africa Gold Council.

The Kingdoms Collection will also be featured at Gold West Africa Market & Art events. For further information on the Kingdom collection, please click here.

Kian Smith Refinery conceived the Kingdoms Collection as a direct response to extending and optimising positive outcomes of an integrated gold value chain.

Renowned jewelry designers from Africa or of African descent were invited to collaborate on a suite or parure of jewelry using gold provided by the Kian Smith Gold Sourcing Program. 

The design brief took inspiration from Ancient West African Kingdoms that guarded and ruled ancient gold economies in the region.


The Kingdoms Collection recalls Africa’s rich history and reimagines it in a celebratory manner - an evocative way to facilitate important dialogues on culture.

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